A Super Rich moisturizing creamy cleanser, containing rosehip and blackcurrant fruit oils, rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, deeply hydrates whilst thoroughly cleansing.  The low foam design ensures that all ingredients immediately apply a film of activity on the skin, leaving it clean, yet soft, and velvety smooth with a layer of essential moisture.

Directions for use:

AM & PM: Wet hands, face and neck and using one pump depression of cleanser, massage gently for one minute, avoiding the eye area if sensitive. Rinse off thoroughly.

To be followed by the appropriate RégimA eye products, serums, and day or night home care.

(If the product enters the eyes, rinse out thoroughly with plenty of water)

Star Ingredient

Soy Bean Oil


  • Naturally rich in Anti-oxidant Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids And Lecithin
  • Small Molecular Structure Enables Penetration Into Epidermis
  • Helps Stimulate Synthesis Of Collagen, Elastin, And Other Proteins, Important For Cell Regeneration
  • Contains Phytoestrogens, Known To Be Beneficial For Patchy Skin Discoloration Caused By Hormonal Changes And Sun Damage
  • Beneficial For Preventing Dryness And Premature Ageing Skin
  • Moisturising, Maintains Elasticity

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (Rosehip)

  • Powerful Anti-oxidant – Vitamins A, B, C (High Potency), D – Protecting From Internal And External Stresses
  • Diuretic, Reducing Excess Fluid In The Tissues
  • Protects Against External And Internal Stresses – Penetrating Ingredients Provide Powerful Anti-oxidant Action

 Blackcurrant Seed Oil (Ribes Nigrum Seed)

  • Topically, Micromolecular Ingredients Penetrate And Act Rapidly Within The Tissues. This Is One Of The Best Ways That The Body Can Benefit From The Nutrients Within Blackcurrant Oil, Which Include High Concentrations Of Vitamin C
  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Action – Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C And Iron.
  • Healing, Helps Eczema, Psoriasis.


Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)

Retinyl Palmitate Vit A

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Skin Lightening
  • Anti-free Radicals

Tocopheryl Acetate + Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Tocopheryl Acetate Vit E

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Seals In Moisture
  • Softens, Maintains A Supple Skin

Ruby Star Grapefruit

Ruby Star Grapefruit

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Toning And Astringent Effects
  • Can Be Applied To Bruises, Cuts, Acne, Areas of Highly Concentrated Oils


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  • Multifunctional – Cleanses, removes make-up, tones, neutralises
  • Deep cleansing
  • Natural toning from plants
  • Pore refining, tightening effect
  • Helps regulate sebaceous secretions
  • Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant
  • Firming, restores suppleness
  • Leaves skin tighter yet without dryness
  • Smoothes skin surface
  • Enhances absorption of actives
  • Benefits all skin types, even sensitive
  • Calms inflamed problem skins, soothes dry skins

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  • Centella Asiatica Extract – Renowned healing plant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
  • Bisabolol – Anti-inflammatory, reducing redness, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Helps deliver active ingredients trans-dermally by improving skin penetration. Restores suppleness
  • Oat Amino Acids – Rich in vitamins and lipids adds moisture, smoothing
  • Ruby Star Grapefruit Oil – antibacterial, antiviral
  • Panthenol – Pro Vit B5 – Promotes healing and cell renewal
  • Lavender Leaf Extract – Anti-bacterial, Antimicrobial
  • Geranium Flower Oil – Creates equilibrium between oily and dry skin by balancing sebum production
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract – Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and analgesic properties
  • Carnosic Acid – Anti-oxidant
  • Ursolic Acid – Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial
  • Yarrow Extract – Fatty acids provide regenerative benefits
  • Bergamot Oil – Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties, uplifting
  • Farnesol – Antimicrobial, toning, tightening the skin


Combine with other RégimA ZONE products

Not to be used in combination with any other product range

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