RégimA Zone – a truly targeted range of skin care products

RégimA Skin Treatments is a proudly South African brand of cosmeceuticals with a specialised focus on skin health and long-term aesthetics. The company is headed by CEO, Jacqui Faucitt, who is driven by the fundamental need to address serious skin concerns on the basis of delivering solutions that make a life-changing difference.

Age reversalRedefining skin care boundaries 

The company’s latest offering is RégimA Zone, recently launched in South Africa and London, which takes an entirely different look at product formulation. According to the company, the Zone draws a parallel to connect unsatisfied consumer needs and desires with emerging science and technology being developed by the collective innovation of global research and developments in skin care.

The central philosophy behind the new range is a paradigm shift from the existing norms. It attempts to address skin concerns and problems in terms of what is possible, rather than the common current approach of what is necessary.

Instead of pushing boundaries, the Zone attempts to redefine and reshape boundaries giving them greater affinity for improvement.



The new RégimA Zone range includes:

  • Age Reversal Night Complex, designed to specifically target the mechanisms of skin ageing
  • Derma Zest Cleansing and Toning Gel provides a cleansing, clarifying and skin toning effect, without drying out the skin
  • Laser Azu-Repair, which provides the necessary support for healing and creates an environment for the skin that ensures rapid repair and moisturisation
  • Omega High Impact Night Complex, which promotes gradual natural exfoliation, healthy cell renewal and rejuvenation revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion
  • Pigment Perfector, an anti-pigmentation treatment
  • Power Peel 30 and 50, which are both strictly in-salon products formulated with powerful fruit acids for skin peeling
  • Scar Repair Forté + Anti-Stretch Complex, a scar management product incorporating enhanced skin care technology
  • Super Smoother, which is an anti-ageing gel serum designed to smooth skin’s surface and impart essential moisture
  • Techno 5 Resurfacer, a sensorially superior emulsion and anti-ageing cream serum.

Scar Repair ForteAddressing skin health

From inception, the RégimA Zone range was intended to be the most technically advanced, truly targeted range of products, looking at all facets of the value chain from product creation, the industry, consumers’ wants and needs, and the formulation and development landscape. This has resulted in superior product formulations where even the smallest, most insignificant factor has been taken into account.

The range is said to be an entirely new ideology and a new landscape upon which the company feels skin care treatments should be based.

RégimA Zone provides all the ammunition in consumers’ fight against the ageing process plus its revolutionary new ingredients support true rejuvenation. The range brings together three pillars of skin treatment excellence and necessity for skin health:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • rejuvenation.

Addressing these three critical conditions as its first consideration, RégimA seeks to improve skin not only on a per-product, per condition basis, but also provides a platform upon which the company believes all skin treatment products should be based.

A considerate solution 

Taking the revolution one step further, environmental concerns were also addressed as a whole. This is true not only for the packaging selected for the RégimA Zone range which allows for easy cleansing and part separation at the point of recycling, but also for the raw materials selection. Where possible, and as a matter of preference, raw materials from sustainable and renewable sources were utilised, always ensuring there has been no animal testing.

The environmental factor is extremely important, as the cosmetics industry is shaping the landscape figuratively and literally, at an alarming rate. This concern is one of ongoing effort, and RégimA’s long-term activities see the evaluation and re-evaluation of raw materials and packaging as critical not only to the environmentally conscious consumer, but also for the health and wellbeing of us all.

Pigment PerfectorInspirational company culture 

In order to maintain affordability while maintaining quality, RégimA had to investigate how to improve the efficient usage of resources which in turn led to an increase in development of partner networks in order to collaborate closely with customers. By adapting to continuous improvement cycles by directing feedback insights into research and development, the company is able to establish a culture of co-creation and leverage change from the collective wisdom of the open network. To truly deliver a 360⁰ customer experience, the business integrates marketing and development with partner and customer touchpoints on a variety of platforms geared toward generating specific insights. This is key as culture evolves to empower people to work together instead of against one another.

RégimA’s motto is ‘products that change lives’. It is in this sense that products are created to improve the lives of all those afflicted with detrimental skin conditions. The greatest reward the company could ever receive is to hear from those whose lives have improved as a result of using its products, and stands as RégimA’s proudest achievement.

By Staff Writer

Published on 08 June 2015